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Though Ronon had not especially been looking forward to the party or a New Year that involved being stuck here, he had not envisaged it would end like this. After watching Jennifer drench herself in champagne, he had seen confirmation of the custom Vala had told him about and when looking for Jennifer - just in case he'd come across her and John Sheppard. Really really drunk John Sheppard.

Which was not, strictly speaking, without it's entertainment value in itself. He shrugged off his suit jacket and shoved it at Jennifer, "put that on." he told her - he might only have a shirt but it was at least a dry one.

Of course some traditions were the same everywhere. "You," he told John, "are going home." John however was having none of it and when Ronon picked him up off the couch it became obvious why. He'd been sitting on Carson who was clutching a bottle of alcohol - the sort which uncomfortably Ronon had last seen at Carson's funeral. "And you," he added hauling him up too and staggering slightly because they were struggling. He tried not to feel too annoyed as he dragged them to the door. When Ronon got drunk he had the decency to be happy about being carried home.

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Just watching the way Ronon was dragging them made Jennifer's vertigo want to flare up. "Um, slow down a little, Ronon," she said, trying to walk and roll up the ridiculously long sleeves of his jacket and eventually giving up. The sleeves flapped about six inches past her hands, making her look like a little kid--if a little kid would have champagne all down the front of her dress.

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"Hey!" John protested, and even that syllable seemed to slur. "'m good!" John was a grown goddamn man, he could stumble home drunk on his own and didn't need half giants doing the work for him.

Maybe he could accept Ronon's steadying when he narrowly avoided running into a door.

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"No, no, no," Carson said, though he wasn't exactly sure what was going on. At some point during the night, his bottle of whiskey had gotten away from him, and the somehow turned into a half empty bottle of Drambuie. "Ye may as well keep yer breath t'cool the porridge, big man, we're fine."

The fact that Carson had yet to find his own footing didn't seem to factor into the equation much.

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Ronon slowed down and gave Jennifer a look over the protests of the apparently fine intoxicated pair.

"You want to be back on the couch," he offered deadpan, "we could give you two some privacy." He took the whisky from Carson, (admittedly with difficulty,) and decided to see just how long they could stand under their own power. The answer being not very and he began manhandling towards the door before one of them ran into it. Outside was snow - snow was soft. Mostly.

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Having given up on the sleeves, Jennifer now had her hands mostly free to help out, and she took Carson's arm and looped it around her shoulders. She couldn't carry him, but at least she could hopefully make sure he didn't end up face first in the snow. "We just want to make sure you don't end up in the snow somewhere," she told John and Carson, not sure how to take Ronon's look. Hopefully he hadn't realized that her spilling her champagne had not been exactly an accident.

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"Oh, crap," John announced as soon as they made their way out. He still had his favorite boots on - he'd dress up, but not that much - but it was still cold.

And he still didn't need help getting home.

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"I'm not going t'end up in the snow," Carson said to Jennifer, trying to steady himself on his feet to prove it. He swayed a bit and nearly fell over as they walked, only managing to keep himself vertical by leaning a bit of his weight on Dr. Keller.

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Ronon watched the pair of them struggle unconvinced by their arguments. Not that he meant to convince them - that would take forever and the snow was fairly thick in the air and on the ground. He let go of Sheppard, folded his arms and watched. Snow could be very convincing.

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"Ronon!" Jennifer scolded, as John fell facefirst into the snow the moment Ronon let go of him. "What on earth did you do that for?" It was a reflex that made her reach for John to help him up, but in doing that she let go of Carson for a second before steadying him again. "He can't lay there in the snow when he's had so much alcohol, it puts him at an extreme risk for hypothermia--alcohol creates peripheral vessel dilation which results in the rapid loss of body heat."

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John groaned, a bit miffed and hardly surprised he'd ended up with a face full of snow. It just seemed like his night was going to end there.

"Could have just said it's cold," he told Keller as he worked on getting back up on his feet.

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"Along with numbin' yer senses and thinnin' blood," Carson said, expanding on what Jennifer had said about hypothermia, and shrugging her off at the same time. He was plenty steady on his feet, thank you, and able to walk back to New Atlantis on his own.

And that's just what he started to do. Right through the tress in the opposite direction of where he should have been going.

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"Not laying," Ronon said, as he hauled John the rest of the way and steadied him against one shoulder. How bad could a brief encounter be. Sheppard would have got one eventually if he kept struggling.

He even brushed some snow of Sheppard helpfully. "You heard the doc," he told him. It did seem that Carson was perfectly steady on his feet at least - just a little confused about where he was going. "Numb," Ronon rumbled, shaking his head and moving to head Carson off. Sheppard came with him - whether he liked it or not.
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"Hey, hey!" said Jennifer, jogging after Carson (if you could call it jogging, in her high-heeled boots). "Where are you going? New Atlantis is that way," she said, pointing. "Come on. You just need a nice, long sleep, and you'll be good as new."

Except for, you know, the hangover part.

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John didn't have to have know Ronon long to know that he was going to be helped whether he liked it or not, and at this point, he was pretty glad for the big guy.

Especially when he walked upwind, cutting the amount of cold wind blowing into John's face by half. Ronon was great.
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"I've been here almost three years, dear, I think I know where I'm headed," Carson slurred as he continued through the trees. He really should have remembered his coat on the way out of the compound. At some point, he'd set it down somewhere and completely forgotten it.

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Ronon hefted John up and lengthened his stride, not that the Doc was hard to catch even without the extra weight because he might be on his feet but he was wandered.

He planted himself firmly between Carson and his eventual destination, kept a firm grip on John and gave Carson the sort of look that really suggested he might want to listen to Jennifer's advice.
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"Come on, Carson," Jennifer said, tugging at his sleeve. "Back this way." By this time, Jennifer was wondering if someone ought to check on the two of them during the night to make sure they didn't vomit while asleep and aspirate it into their lungs.

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"Listen to the nice lady," John advised Carson from his spot beside Ronon. "She's helping. And you are so going the wrong way."

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"You're drunk." Carson said to John, thinking that it might need pointing out. If they were going to follow anyone back to New Atlantis, he certainly shouldn't be it.

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Ronon had not expected Carson to be more trouble than John and really though it only showed the effectiveness of a face full of snow as a persuasive tool. "'m not drunk." He reminded him. "New Atlantis is that way." he nodded in the right direction. Either way Carson was not getting any further in this direction.

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"And neither am I, but you are," she told Carson, taking a little firmer hold on his wrist. "Come on, Carson. We at least need to make sure John gets home safely, all right?" she added in a low, conspiritorial tone, hoping to appeal to his doctorly nature. "He's had far too much to drink and needs help getting there."

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"You're drunk," was John's brilliant shot back at Carson. He rolled his eyes (which had the side-effect of making him sway) when he heard Keller talking to Carson, but hey. Whatever got them home quicker.

He was pretty sure his hair was frozen.

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Carson studied John for a moment, eyebrows drawing themselves together. He was drunk. Carson was sure of it. So it probably wasn't a good idea to let him wander off alone. They might need his help.

"Right." He said, agreeing with Jennifer as he nodded his head once and started to turn back in the direction she was tugging him, "Probably for the best."

And then, in his own conspiratorial tone, he added to Jennifer, "Poor lad doesn't know when he's had too much sometimes."
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Ronon steadied John when he started to sway, he figured he hadn't earned another dive into the snow. Not yet anyway.

When Carson was coaxed back on the path Ronon ducked his head and grinned. He dragged John back onto the path following Jennifer and Carson now they were all heading in the same direction.

"Try not to puke on me," he told Sheppard, who had been accurately designated the drunkest and kept swaying for whatever reason.

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Jennifer was trying not to think about anyone puking--yes, she was a doctor and saw that all the time but that didn't exactly make it something on her top ten list of medical highlights. "Yes, please, no puking," she said, "though if you are, I'd rather you do it now than when you're asleep."

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"Not gonna puke," John told them in a voice that might have been offended if he wasn't slurring every other word. "I never puke."