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Ronon wasn't sorry that John's clone was gone - he knew he wasn't a clone, not the way the term was normally used. He just looked like John and Ronon probably wouldn't have cared if not for the strangeness of the idea he could be friends with such a person. He'd have been happy to just ignore him once it was certain he wasn't a replicator.

He'd have been happy enough to ignore Jennifer's look a like as well and he was fairly certain she would have been glad to ignore him to given their initial meeting. But if someone Kaylee knew had arrived and threatened Jennifer, Ronon knew how he would have reacted. So today found him sitting outside the beat up space ship he'd been told she resided at, sharpening a knife with a small whet stone and waiting to make amends.

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Kaylee felt she needed to spend with Serenity, tinkering away even if she knew nothing in particular was going to kick-start that engine again. There were plenty of parts that needed cleaning, the working coms still needed maintenance, as well as anything else that was still functioning. After a morning's work she was grease-stained and a little sweaty, smudging a brand new streak of black grease across her cheek as she rubbed at an itch absently.

The now dismantled pin-lock was proper gummed up and worse since Serenity had been still so long, so she decided to take it out into the natural light to clean it. Kaylee clomped down the ramp on to the sand to hold it up in an effort to establish what was gunk without damaging the part. She'd only been peering at it a moment or two when she noticed a figure who was instantly familiar sitting on the sand not so far from the ship and she near jumped, back-stepping clumsily, the scraping sound of the knife on the stone made her stomach feel cold. "Told you all I know, so ain't got no reason to'be comin' round here." She told him, distrust clear on her face, though she was bolder being so close to home and the crew. "'sides you make any kinda ruckus'n the Captain'll hear, n'he's none too shy 'bout takin' a pistol t'those come near his boat when they ain't welcome."

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"I know," said Ronon, who was distinctly not bothered by the implied threats. It was a little offputting to be looked at like that when she looked so like Jennifer - but made a little easier by the fact she was all mucky.

"Thank you," he said instead. "Your directions were good - found the people from home." He put the knife away, pulling himself easily to his feet. Somewhat reluctantly, the distaste to duplicates still obvious, he offered her a hand to shake.

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Not so easily won over, Kaylee wasn't feeling at all inclined to take gratitude offered, he said thank you now and that was all well and good, but wouldn't have better fit when she'd actually given him the directions he wanted. Bit late for that, she thought and her expression stayed most sullen and serious.

He stuck out his hand to shake, though he looked like he could think of nothing worse, for for a moment Kaylee considered taking it a leaving him with a near black palm of engine grease. She just looked at him warily, less forgiving of someone who'd pointed a gun at her, and he hadn't even appologised. "Hope you were nicer in'greetin' them when y'got there." She didn't want grudging handshakes offered as though it were akin to swallowing down some awful medicine. "Anyways you gotta reason fer tellin' me this?" She asked feeling brave and just a bit uppity so close to Serenity, brows arched in an expectant look.

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Ronon had been his usual self at when he'd reached New Atlantis but then they were used to him. And he had not pointed a gun at any of them. Except where there was a possibility he was dealing with a replicator. "Mostly," he admitted.

She seemed equally disturbed by him now without the gun pointing even if in a sulky way and it was come by fairly enough he supposed. "Thought you were a replicator," he told her. "You aren't. I'm sorry if I scared you." She hadn't deserved it and if he didn't like that she was a clone and would gladly have nothing to do with her - there had been no call to threaten her. But if he arrived on the island without any information about it again, he'd act exactly the same way.

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Kaylee nodded slowly, though she didn't look as though she was so impressed. Mostly didn't sound like not at all to her, she didn't like to say she would have explained more about the Island to him, had he given her a chance.

Though she's tried to hold a grudge before, Kaylee's rarely been successful; unless it come to folk like YoSaffbrige, untrustworthy lying sorts. "Y'can see m'awful pleased we got that sorted sooner 'stead of later." He might be frightening, but far as she could tell he wasn't a liar, and he said was sorry, she thinks and Robin had helped her overcome her unhappiness. "Apology accepted." Kaylee said carefully, wiping her hand on her jumpsuit to offer a shake now, even if she still seemed the littlest bit unsure."'Mayhaps seein' it were all a misunderstandin' we c'start over?" She'd stuttered her name at him when she'd been sent cross-eyed by the barrel of a gun, but she meant what she said. "Kaylee."

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Ronon shook her hand - he'd initially offered and he wasn't about to back down. Her accent and propensity to play with some sort of mechanical thing to the point she was covered in grease made her different enough that the resemblence only wore on his nerves instead of having him fight the instinct to leave. "Ronon Dex," he told her.

It had been easier when she'd been glaring at him, instead of being vaguely friendly. "Okay then," he said, "won't happen again." He turned to go.

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Perhaps it's not so much a case of nice to meet you, but at least they're sort of getting along now, there wasn't a gun and she even gave him a half-smile for offering his name and shaking her hand.

Even if she was not so much expecting to suddenly be firm friends, Kaylee was left somewhat taken aback, starting over sort of implied there might be conversation, actual ..well meeting, rather than threatening this time. Though Ronon made it pretty clear what he though of that. "Sure." she said uneasily, stepping back and taking up the greasy engine part again feeling foolish for offering what was sort of friendship. "Thanks for comin' by." She added with less enthusiasm, not sure why he even bothered.