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Ronon Dex ([personal profile] feltgoodthough) wrote2009-01-09 01:18 am
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Ronon wasn't sorry that John's clone was gone - he knew he wasn't a clone, not the way the term was normally used. He just looked like John and Ronon probably wouldn't have cared if not for the strangeness of the idea he could be friends with such a person. He'd have been happy to just ignore him once it was certain he wasn't a replicator.

He'd have been happy enough to ignore Jennifer's look a like as well and he was fairly certain she would have been glad to ignore him to given their initial meeting. But if someone Kaylee knew had arrived and threatened Jennifer, Ronon knew how he would have reacted. So today found him sitting outside the beat up space ship he'd been told she resided at, sharpening a knife with a small whet stone and waiting to make amends.

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