Sep. 6th, 2009

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It had been on Ronon's mind for a while. There were plenty of children on the island and most of them it seemed had been born here.

The recent disappearances had reminded Ronon of how uncertain life was on the island. And though some - Vala for instance had remained long enough to give birth he could not help but think of Teyla and the fact that she had not. Even if she had - that was no guarantee either.

Being safe wasn't a concern for him and Jennifer yet - but Ronon saw that it could be, hoped it would be though he was content to take things slowly. It was still something that should be dealt with before they got that far.

It was probably the only occasion on island that Ronon had considered going to another doctor for. But not for long - it wasn't as if he wouldn't tell Jennifer that he was on the tablets that were the island form of birth control so why trouble another doctor.

He headed up to the clinic when he knew she had a shift, wondering if he would catch her knitting or trying to find some other way of keeping busy when it was so quiet.


feltgoodthough: (Default)
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