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[For Sheppard] Sparring cures sleeplessness.

It was cooler on the island at night but Ronon wasn't sleeping. He was used enough to the quiet sounds of New Atlantis at night that he could have been. It took next to nothing to wake him, but there weren't many places he couldn't sleep.

He could hear Sheppard being restless from a hut away - not that it was entirely unfamiliar to him anyway. He gave it a while and shifted out of the makeshift bed in his new hut when it was obvious it was going to continue. Not if Ronon could help it.

"Sheppard," he said leaning against the door of John's hut. "Come on out, I can hear you're awake." If Ronon had to take John jogging at night to tire him out enough to sleep - then he would. But there were other alternatives.

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Ronon's voice startled John, if only because he knew just how late it was, and hadn't been expecting anyone to actually be awake. Hell, he hadn't even been doing much but cleaning his guns. And the weapons chest. And tidying up a bit.

"Do you know what time it is?" he replied as he tugged on the nearest pair of track pants he could find. When he opened the door, he blinked up at Ronon. "What?"

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Ronon glanced up at the night sky, it was disturbingly changeable for a planet and island where they were stuck in place. "Yeah," he answered. "It's late." Which begged the question what was Sheppard doing at this hour - not that Ronon was a stranger to the early hours of the morning himself.

"You need to sleep." Ronon informed him, though if Sheppard kept this up he'd crash on his own eventually but Ronon was glad to help him along to that point.

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John's eyebrows went up. "Right," he said slowly. "And you're, what? Going to stare at me until I fall asleep?"

He wasn't going to admit it out loud, but John was almost glad Ronon was there. It meant less time staring up at his ceiling.

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Ronon only looked amused at the thought. "No," he said. "Sparring, three rounds."

He stepped away from John's door. "Best cure for sleeplessness there is."

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If this had been any other time, John would have considered the idea crazy and gone back to bed. As it was, he eventually shrugged and stepped out. "Why the hell not. Beats lying awake all night."

He was probably going to be paying for it in the morning, though.

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Ronon ruled out the bantos area given the reason for John's brooding. But Ronon had gotten the layout of the land near their settlement, early on and there were plenty of smallish clearings nearby.

"You fought me before?" he asked, bouncing on his feet and circling John, as he acknowledged for once the oddness of his previous unremembered stay, and the fact that John wouldn't know him without it.

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"Sure have," John admitted, feeling a little proud he was able to keep the groan out of his voice.

Fought and been crushed was more like it. But he liked to think he was a little better, and could at least hold his own against Ronon for longer than it took to be swept off his feet and meet the ground nastily.

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"Good to know," Ronon said. He wouldn't have wanted to start entirely from scratch - Sheppard had improved a lot over the years.

Satisfied that John knew what he was in for, Ronon moved forward fluidly dropping, with the aim of kicking John's legs out from under him. A couple of falls like that would help anyone sleep - for one night at least.

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The feeling itself was familiar — you never forgot what it was like to be standing one second and flattened the next — but it still took John by surprise. Arya would have thrown something at him first.

"That's — okay," John groaned, working his way up into a seated position. "For one, ow."

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Ronon had expected it to be a little harder than that - and he dialed down his expectations of Sheppard's skill level and offered John a hand up.

"Come on," he said, "pay attention. You should have seen that coming."

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John took Ronon's hand gratefully, even though it just meant standing up for more pain and getting knocked back down again.

"Yeah, probably," he said vaguely, and waved his hand around them. Even with what light there was around New Atlantis, it still wasn't exactly the middle of the day. "Still kinda dark out here."

He as mostly complaining just because he could.

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"Not that dark," said Ronon, who admittedly had excellent night vision. He had heard better excuses out of Sheppard. "And you can hear me."

Still if Sheppard was going to complain - nothing that new, there were alternatives to knocking Sheppard down. He could always make Sheppard chase him for a bit - "you ready?"

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Ronon's words would probably make sense if he was saying them to anyone other than John. It was just the way of things - Ronon would kick his ass, no matter what. John would count it a win if he just got a few hits on him in return.

"'Bout as ready as I'll ever be," he replied.

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That was about as convincing as Sheppard ever got and backlit by the settlement, Ronon aimed a rapid blow - more of a casual cuff for Sheppard's head. He was fairly sure that Sheppard would duck and actually aim a blow back at him this time, he was prepared for that too.

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Ronon was kind of terrifying, coming at him like that, but John had been through enough over the years and with Teyla and Arya that blocking Ronon's blow and giving a return one came without a second thought.

Took him about half a second to realize he was open for another one, but he braced himself for the hit this time. At least he would see this one coming.


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Ronon twisted out of the way of Sheppard's blow but it was close, it made it easier to believe he was fighting the Sheppard he'd been sparring for years.

So when he surged forward to knock the wind out of Sheppard with his fist, he perhaps didn't expect it to be as successful as it was.

But that didn't stop him.

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John's silent celebration over nearly getting a hit in on Ronon was knocked out of him — kind of literally.

It was like he'd just been hit by a car in the solar plexus — okay, so maybe that was just a bit of an exaggeration, but when he was double over just trying to catch his breath, John thought he could describe it however the hell he wanted.

"Time out," he wheezed, waving one hand in a vague gesture to keep Ronon from trying to pulverize his internal organs again.

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Ronon stepped back with a shrug letting John get his breath back. He suspected that in these sparring sessions John wasn't going to learn anything and Ronon wasn't going to be challenged. But on the other hand John wasn't moping about his hut, unable to sleep so Ronon was willing to call it a win.

"If you think you could sleep you don't have to do all three rounds," he offered generously.

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John looked up at Ronon, and caught his breath enough to wheeze indignantly, "You never mentioned three!"

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"Yeah I did," Ronon said, watching him wheeze, "three rounds and you'll sleep." It was practically guaranteed.