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Ronon Dex ([personal profile] feltgoodthough) wrote2009-01-15 08:48 pm
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[For Sheppard] Sparring cures sleeplessness.

It was cooler on the island at night but Ronon wasn't sleeping. He was used enough to the quiet sounds of New Atlantis at night that he could have been. It took next to nothing to wake him, but there weren't many places he couldn't sleep.

He could hear Sheppard being restless from a hut away - not that it was entirely unfamiliar to him anyway. He gave it a while and shifted out of the makeshift bed in his new hut when it was obvious it was going to continue. Not if Ronon could help it.

"Sheppard," he said leaning against the door of John's hut. "Come on out, I can hear you're awake." If Ronon had to take John jogging at night to tire him out enough to sleep - then he would. But there were other alternatives.

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