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From the 'between the lines' meme:

What this meme is all about is expanding on that, to better create a personal history that you can then use to better build personal development. To paraphrase Lindsay, "it's not intended to be a way of avoiding/handwaving actual threads but rather a way of kickstarting them and getting a better idea of where our characters stand with each other. It's a small island, and it's likely that a lot of our pups have interacted, maybe in little ways." The details can be silly or trivial (They see each other at breakfast everyday), or a shared anecdote (Remember that time when they got attacked by the angry parrot?), or the seeds of a bigger plot to be played out later.

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Vala really likes Ronon and I'd love to do more with them. Sparring would be wonderful (even if we don't write it. Combat isn't the easiest thing to write) but I'd like to think they finish and 'talk' as they take a breather. Talk meaning Vala runs her mouth and Ronon doesn't gag her with her own hair.

Also, at the end of the month she's going to find out she's pregnant. I'm going to be posting more about this plot before she gets her NDPD gift. It's going to mean lighter sparring, but she's also going to have a host of issues from the Goa'uld to the Ori to Adria she's going to be dealing with for the next 9 months and I think Ronon would be a good person for her since he's no bullshit, not overly likely to give advice or try to fix her, and as she gets quieter and quieter, I'd like to think he wouldn't be judgey about it and think she's shutting him out.

I only have a cursory knowledge of SGA, but they're neighbors and she's decided he's her new BFF...one of them, anyway. What do you think?

[identity profile] feltgoodthough.livejournal.com 2009-01-17 11:44 pm (UTC)(link)
Ronon likes Vala too - he values persistence, so I would like to do more with them too!

There are no words to describe how much I would love to do 'sparring' threads without writing sparring. XD So I am absolutely up for an after thread.

I would like to think (because they are neighbours) that Ronon and Vala have had several conversations similar to new years in which she did most of the talking. If ok with you.

And that definitely sounds like how he would react - and I think it would be good for him too. He is a great pseudo big brother (though of course actually younger than Vala.)

Also I just posted him if you have time to tag or if not we can do a post sparring thread whenever you like.

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I will try very hard to get LJ to load. I'm at my mom's and her dial up...ugh. Let's not even talk about it. I even have to do my email in basic html.

If I can't get it to go, can I tag late? I'll be back to my place on Monday.

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slow time and late tags are always fine with me!

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I see lj loaded XD but st still fine :)

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Elizabeth would drop by or otherwise check on Ronon at least once a day, generally just for brief chit-chat or to offer coffee or refreshments in the mornings, or after runs/workouts.

[identity profile] feltgoodthough.livejournal.com 2009-01-21 10:55 pm (UTC)(link)
Ronon would take the coffee or refreshments and let Elizabeth take care of the chit chat (which he does appreciate no matter the appearences) He is also hunting and cooking atn the fire pit a lot of nights in New Atlantis and if Elizabeth doesn't come try some of it on her own, he'd eventually bring her some.