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Ronon Dex ([personal profile] feltgoodthough) wrote2009-02-02 11:13 pm
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[For Elizabeth]

Ronon kept his eyes open on the island the same as any new planet even though he'd been her some time now. It wasn't like any other world he'd ever been too and not just because he couldn't leave.

It was his observation that had found him at the previously ignored bookcase in the compound. He'd just been passing through after walking up with Jennifer when she had a clinic shift. It had caught his eye because of something familar. A flash of a Satedan glyph. Investigating - snatching the thing off the shelf had revealed a book of Satedan war poems. One Ronon knew well - he'd drunkenly recited the entirety of one of the sagas after to equally drunken crowd after his first successful off world mission as a Specialist.

It was one of the books that he had brought to Atlantis when he had scavenged what was left of Sateda. He had not expected that the bookshelf - however strange it was would give him books from a dead world and even though he knew most of it by rote - he sat down to read it anyway.

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