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Ronon had meant to take Jennifer to the clinic but by the time he had reached the compound, it had been made plain to him that this was another island trick. He was informed of this by a very nervous young woman who clearly disapproved of this turn of events very much.

He had made Jennifer comfortable on the couch and waited patiently for her to wake up. He was busy thinking of things they could do that would satisfy this new crazy personality - yet not actually be dangerous.

So far he was wondering if the island population would be in any or much danger if he showed her how to use a Wraith Stunner.

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It took Jennifer a few minutes to fully wake up from the stunner blast. God, her head hurt, and her whole body ached. She sat up, wincing, and saw Ronon staring at her. She scowled at him.

"You shot me!" She leaned over and punched him in the arm, hard. "What the hell did you do that for?"

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Ronon shrugged. When he ignored the fact that she was crazy the temper was a little cute. Not that he was going to say that.

"I've been stunned," he told her. "And I've fallen off mountains. Trust me you're better off."

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"If you ever do that again, I'll kick your ass," she promised. She turned her head from side to side, working out the ache in her neck. "Since when were you such a party pooper?"

She sighed, stretching her legs out in front of her. "God, Ronon," she said, "if you wanted me helpless and at your mercy, you didn't have to stun me to make it happen."
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Ronon was about to tell her she was welcome to try - he suspected she might just and though it was hardly the ideal way to spend the afternoon, it would be better than her trying to rock climb again. "You go near that mountain again and I will," he assured her.

Her next words though shift his plans. The point is to have her neither hurt not helpless. "You want to learn how to shoot a Wraith stunner?" he asks. Distraction is the only plan he has.

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"Really?" Jennifer perked up at that. "Ooh, that sounds like fun." She stood up and stretched, not noticing that her shirt rode up a little bit as she did, letting a bit of her stomach show. "But first I want something to eat. Come on, I'll make us something."

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So far so good, he's distracted her and now just needs to prevent her from distracting him - her suggestion seems to do it. It would be quicker, and better for them if Ronon was to do the cooking. However because his plan is to keep Jennifer busy, letting her make something inedible will probably take longer. "Sure," he agrees, following her into the kitchen "what are you going to make."

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"Oh, I don't know," Jennifer replied airly. "I'll just see what's in the kitchen and what I can whip up from that. Shouldn't take too long." She went rummaging through cabinets, opening things up at random to see what was in there. "Oh yeah, I can make this work. You just sit down right there and wait a minute."

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Ronon's already low expectations of this meal did drop as she randomly selected ingredients. But then whatever he came up with he was sure he'd eaten worse. And watching her cook was strange . . . it was like she knew what she was doing. Even though Ronon knew otherwise.

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Jennifer added a little of this and a little of that--ooh, and that would be good, too--until she had come up with a kind of poached fish with citrus, rice and vegetables. It was a lot of food, but she figured between herself and Ronon, they could take care of it.

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Ronon wasn't sure what surprised him more, that the food was edible (more than edible - it was tasty.) Or the way Jennifer was putting it away. Clearly the trip to the mountain had woken up her appetite in a way sparring couldn't. That or this was part of the wackiness. He nearly told her that the Wraith stunners weren't going anywhere but he didn't want to distract from what might be the first decent meal he's seen her eat instead of pick at.

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When she'd finished, Jennifer leaned back in her chair, glancing at her empty plate somewhat longingly. "I'd have seconds, but there's a Wraith stunner with my name on it. You owe me a lesson, mister."

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Ronon had never actually seen Jennifer clean a plate before - "Wraith stunner's not going anywhere," he assured her. But she wasn't having it and he followed her out of the compound not letting her enthusiasm push him to hurry - he still didn't know how long it was going to last.

The weapons are easily enough to fetch - persuading Jennifer that he'll pick where they shoot them. The oddness of being the safety conscious one of the two of them is only making him wish this was over more.

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"So how do you work this thing?" she asked, eyeing the weapons. She was practically bouncing with excitement, standing very close to Ronon and peering around his shoulder to get a good look at them.

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Ronon finds a spot he's used for target practice before. Some earthen mounds that are varying distances and heights - clearly intended as a shooting range even if not for a stunner.

He takes the stunner - he's kept it away from her thus far by mainly playing keep away. "Like this," he shows her how to hold it, "then like that." He aims for the furthest away target and then hands over the stunner pointing Jennifer at the nearest.

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"Awesome," said Jennifer, taking the stunner and aiming. She fired it, a pretty decent shot, then twirled it around like a cheerleader with a baton and blew on the end like an old-school cowboy in a black and white movie. "How's that?"
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"Huh," said Ronon, who actually hadn't expected her to pick it up that quickly. "Yeah that was pretty go-" he was cut off as she turned the stunner on him. Apparently this version of Jennifer had a vengeful streak and he suppressed a grimace as the stun bolt shuddered over his nerves. He hit the ground, not actually unconscious of course because she'd only shot him once.

He'd done this dozens of times with Wraith - though this wasn't quite the same. That generally ended with dead wraith. He waited until he could feel the shift in the light as she bent over him - he assumed to gloat. He grabbed for the weapon. "That's enough of that," he said firmly. He wasn't expecting her to have such a hold on the weapon she fell on top of him, driving their air from both their lungs. "No more weapons for you," he groused.

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"You did it first," she informed him in a pouty voice, not letting go of the stunner. "Payback's a bitch." She grinned smugly, looking down at him. "Does this mean I win?"

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Ronon had had a reason and she had in no way won. "No." he said. He flipped her over rolling them so he was on top and yanked the stunner out of her hands. "I mean it, Jennifer. Not going to let you get hurt."

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Jennifer squirmed, trying to get him to let go of her. She was grinning at first, thinking Ronon was playing around, but when she realized he wasn't playing, her grin faded and she scowled. "I can take care of myself," she shot at him. "I'm not some damsel in distress." God, Ronon could be so infuriating sometimes.

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Ronon shrugged above her - it was easy enough to keep her in place without using his full weight and chancing hurting her. He kinda wished she would stay still. "Soon as you start acting like yourself, you can take care of yourself," he told her. Until then she was stuck for him and she squirmed again. "Until then you're stuck with me. I can keep on you for days." She might be better at outdoors now but if she got away Ronon would just track her - not hard given the way she tended to crash through the jungle on some sort of adrenalin rush.

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Jennifer's irritation slowly turned into a mischevious grin, and she stopped squirming. "Oh, you can, can you?" she asked, raising an eyebrow and giving him a very different look from the scowl she'd been shooting his way just moments before. "Suits me fine." She sighed and stretched very deliberately--which, given that he was pinning her to the ground, was a movement she was sure he couldn't miss.

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Ronon took this in for a long moment, reminded himself it wasn't Jennifer and shrugged his shoulders above her. "Yeah," he said gruffly. "I can. So get used to it." He wasn't going to let her distract him. Though ignoring her was more challenging than he would like to admit.

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That earned Ronon a shrug in return, or at least as much of a shrug as she could manage given the circumstances. "Well, I'm pretty darn comfortable, so I think I'll manage right here just fine," she informed him casually. While she talked, she managed to pry one foot loose and wrap her lower leg very deliberately around his. "As long as you can."

Ronon never gave anything away with his big tough-guy act, but frankly he didn't need to. She was pretty sure what effect this was having on it even if he didn't show it, and she was enjoying it a lot.

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Ronon managed not to glare if only not to give her the satisfaction. "Good," he said. He was sort of wishing he had stunned her again. "Just here it is." He wondered if it would be a give away if he moved just a bit away from her though he realised it definitely would.

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Now she could feel just what kind of effect she was having on him, and her heart beat faster. Damn if he didn't look fierce--forget about the grumpy part for a minute--looming over her like that with his hair hanging in their faces. It was such a sexy kind of fierce that Jennifer couldn't help herself; staring at him in an I dare you kind of way wasn't quite doing it for either of them, and finally she worked a hand free, pulling his face down to hers so that she could kiss him with pent-up enthusiasm.

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It was easy to forget that it wasn't really Jennifer, when her soft lips touched his. Ronon couldn't have even said how long he had wanted to kiss her and part of him automatically responded to the challenge she was setting. He kissed her back fiercely making her hold on him unnecessary as he pressed her to the dirt with nothing between them and tangled one hand in her hair. She felt soft and sweet against him and he groaned against her mouth before he managed to get a hold of himself.

This wasn't Jennifer. He wasn't going to take advantage of her when her clear interest like this meant he'd misread her normally. She wasn't interested. Repeating that made it easier to pull himself away and roll off her. "It seems like you think you're up for anything," he challenged.

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Finally, she thought, when he groaned and pressed her into the dirt, and then he pushed away from her and moved back. "I am," she replied, almost hoarsely, pushing up onto her knees and watching him like some kind of predatory animal. "And I know you are too. So what'd you stop for?" He kisses like he fights, she thought, and it made her smile, because she wanted him to push her down and kiss her again and again and again.

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Ronon wasn't going to win this by playing fair - so he discounted that as an option. He hadn't played the savage in some time. At least not with the Atlanteans. He freely did with islanders he didn't like. He glanced over at her and snorted his amused smile easily turning feral. "Please. You've been like this a day. I bet you couldn't last a day on this island without running back to the compound." Hardly up for anything by anyone's standards.

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"Ha!" Jennifer snorted, laughing, the promise of some kind of challenge distracting her for the moment from pouncing on Ronon, even though she really wanted to. "Shows what you know." She stood, shaking the dirt out of her hair and eyeing him suspiciously.

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Ronon laughed at her. "Come on. I could make it easy for you. You couldn't even stay in New Atlantis for three days without running off to the showers." She could hardly get in much trouble in New Atlantis. Or so he hoped.

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"Fine," Jennifer retorted. "You're on." That smugness in his tone got under her skin and made her want to show him she could handle anything he threw at her. Apparently he was under the impression she was some kind of wimp. Well, they would see about that.

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Ronon squinted up at the sky, judging the time. "You've got half an hour to get back there," he decided at random. He shrugged himself up and offered her a hand. "I'd say if you can do it, I'd give you one of the stunners but it's bad luck to wager when you know the outcome."

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"You're a bastard sometimes, you know that, right?" she said, rolling her eyes. She wished she could kiss the smug right off his face, but that would have to wait for later. "You're about to be down one stunner, just wait," she added, shaking his hand, and then went off at a sprint back to New Atlantis.

She'd show him.