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The snow continued to fall, the fire continued to burn and Socks was content to snooze in front of the fire until Ronon prepared a little dried meat, fresh fruit and water - well Socks just ate meat and Ronon suspected that fruit might end up being in short supply if the snow kept up for long and the island didn't change to match it. But if that was the case fruit wouldn't be the best diet for this sort of weather. Jennifer had gone to sleep first despite her claims that she wasn't boring him - he'd covered her over with a fur and shifted her into a more comfortable position. He'd banked the fire to be safer but low burning and then laid down beside her. He hadn't meant to go to sleep - he couldn't remember the last time he'd slept beside anyone. Well he could remember - but he tried not to.

Ronon just meant to rest but the warmth from the fire and the lull of the wind outside had allowed to drift eventually startling awake when Jennifer moved beside him in her sleep. When she did wake up, he was prompted awake by her movement and reached for a weapon before he remembered where he was, he hadn't pulled the knife out of the sheath though he had stiffened onto the alert and he shifted awkwardly relaxing his grip on the knife hilt. "Hey," he said. "Sleep well?"

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"Yeah," she said, blinking. "I didn't plan on falling asleep... I guess I was just too comfortable." Sitting up a little more, she noticed he was gripping his knife, and she sat all the way up and looked around. "Something wrong?"

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Ronon let go of the knife, "no," he assured her. "Everything's fine." He shifted next to her. "Not used to waking up next to anyone," he explained.

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"I'm not either," she admitted, though she relaxed a little since Ronon had assured her everything was fine. Now that she was more awake, she realized just how close he was, and smiled a little. "Did you sleep well?" It wasn't as though they'd fallen asleep together before, not like that, but he did fall asleep on her once when she was patching him up, thanks to that entity that had taken on Sheppard's face and messed with their dreams.

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Ronon had woken up every time she'd shifted beside him and then went for a knife when she actually woke so he couldn't claim he had. "I sleep lightly," he said instead. "It's still late," he added. Or early really. He laid back down and Socks took the chance to clamber on him.

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For once, Jennifer didn't immediately notice what her cat was up to--Ronon was very close. She lay down again, propped on her elbow. "You could go back to sleep," she suggested, but her voice implied an or we could... that she wasn't quite bold enough to actually say.

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Ronon picked up on the unspoken and shifted closer. He slipped his arms around her and kissed her hair. "I'm not tired," he admitted. "You?"

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"Not really," Jennifer admitted, smiling a little. When he kissed her hair, she shivered slightly, but not with cold--it was still the newness of being so close to him. She tilted her face to his, her heart beating strongly in her chest, and then kissed him; hesitantly at first, and then less so. For a moment she hoped they were snowed in for a week so she could just go on kissing him.

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Ronon felt something in his gut tighten when she shivered against him and his hold on her grew firmer as she kissed him. It was only after the hint of hesitancy was gone that he moved over her kissing her back hard, one hand tangling in her hair.

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Jennifer gasped softly, partly surprised by how strongly he returned her kiss and partly excited by it. She had never kissed anyone who made her feel like Ronon did--and it was both thrilling and a little scary. It was kind of like the time she had to follow Teyla across that rope bridge...but not because she had to do it, but because she wanted to. But the feeling of standing on the edge of something deep and unknown was very much the same--the way Ronon pulled her close and kissed her hard made her stomach drop and her toes tingle.

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The gasp made Ronon check himself - a little thought it was hard, it could be a good gasp but he wanted Jennifer so much he didn't trust his judgement not to swamped with a good deal of wishful thinking. He pulled away from her mouth, kissing firmly down her neck finding himself resentful of their winter clothing.

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It was suddenly very, very warm in the room and it had very little to do with the fire or the furs. Jennifer twisted her fingers in Ronon's shirt, unconsciously tugging a little, and tilted her head to let him kiss as much of her neck as he wanted. His mouth on her skin made her want more of his mouth on her, and she groaned a little at the thought of it.

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When she pulled on his shirt he thought she might feel like he did about clothes and while he wasn't about to undress her - as much as he wanted to he could at least help with that. He pulled away from her and yanked off his shirt and the sweater she'd given him, leaving himself bare chested beneath the furs. "Hot in here," he murmured before he bent to kiss her again.

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"Mmm-hmmm," Jennifer murmured, sliding her hands down his chest. It was like a contradiction, the strong muscles overlaid with surprisingly soft skin, but Jennifer didn't have much ability to think about contradictions or anything else right then. All she could think of was letting Ronon touch her, and touching him. That was all. She wriggled her arms out of the sleeves of her sweater and tried to tug it over her head--it caught on her ponytail, and she had to tug a little harder to get it off.

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Ronon reached to help her with the sweater, smiling against her mouth at the sight of her wriggling. With the sweater gone he was free to explore more of her soft skin with his mouth and he worked his way down to her collar bone, rumbling his approval as her hands skimmed his chest.

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She could feel the rumble of Ronon's voice against her palms, and her fingers curled against his skin, then slid around his neck, pulling herself close to him. God, she wanted--there was a lot she wanted, things that she hadn't ever much cared about until now. "Ronon," she said softly, her breath warm in his ear.

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Ronon held as tightly as her as she was to him, he liked the feel of her arms around his neck and the sound of her voice in his ear. He hadn't thought he would ever feel like this again and he buried his face in her neck for a second, "love you," he told her gruffly.

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That surprised her--really surprised her--and she stilled for a moment, her fingers stroking along his back. She wasn't sure she could say it yet, or if she was ready to say it even though she strongly suspected she felt it, but she definitely didn't want Ronon to think she didn't care that he said it or that it didn't mean something to her.

"Ronon," she said quietly, still holding him close. "I want you to know that I... I've never..." She hesitated, feeling the thump of his heart against hers, and hearing. "I don't make a habit of this."

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Ronon didn't care if she didn't say it back - he'd wanted to tell her then, the words suddenly needing to be said. And he knew she cared about him or they wouldn't be together and he was willing to wait. And encourage her if he could. She did have something to say thought and he halted to listen, doing nothing more than playing with her hair a little.

"I know," he told her, as she said she didn't make a habit of it. He knew that, she'd never dated anyone on Atlantis, "me neither. I haven't - not since before running."

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Jennifer continued tracing her fingers along Ronon's back, still not quite looking at him. "What I mean is... it wasn't a habit before Atlantis, either. I was always a lot younger than everyone I went to college with, medical school with, worked with... so I didn't date much. A little, but not much."

It sounded kind of lame compared to Ronon not being with anyone because he was on the run for seven years--but what she had told Ronon in the infirmary that time was true. She had never felt like she belonged, not in any sense, not until coming to Atlantis.

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Ronon had been close enough to marrying the first person he had ever had feelings with so he didn't see anything wrong with only dating a little. But there was something about the way she was carefully stating this whilst not looking at him. He could have pointed out they were close in age but he didn't think that was it and they both knew that. He regarded her with his dark eyes searching for her meaning on her face but she just seemed uncertain. "Is this too fast?" he asked finally.

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She shook her head, finally looking up to meet his eyes. "No," she said. "It's not. Not at all. It's just right." She traced a finger slowly down his chest, feeling a little less hesitant, and smiled a little. "It's good. Better than good. I promise."

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"Good," Ronon echoed, brushing a bit of hair off her face. "I think so," he meets her gaze resting his forehead against hers for a second before kissing her again. That was definitely better than good and he slid one hand up her back as he pulled her against him, the other hand resting on the swell of her breast.

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Jennifer had pulled off her shoes earlier, before she dozed off, and now her knee slid between his when he pulled her closer, bringing their bodies even more tightly together. She had had enough of talking for a while, and she suspected Ronon had too.