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[For Jennifer]

It had been on Ronon's mind for a while. There were plenty of children on the island and most of them it seemed had been born here.

The recent disappearances had reminded Ronon of how uncertain life was on the island. And though some - Vala for instance had remained long enough to give birth he could not help but think of Teyla and the fact that she had not. Even if she had - that was no guarantee either.

Being safe wasn't a concern for him and Jennifer yet - but Ronon saw that it could be, hoped it would be though he was content to take things slowly. It was still something that should be dealt with before they got that far.

It was probably the only occasion on island that Ronon had considered going to another doctor for. But not for long - it wasn't as if he wouldn't tell Jennifer that he was on the tablets that were the island form of birth control so why trouble another doctor.

He headed up to the clinic when he knew she had a shift, wondering if he would catch her knitting or trying to find some other way of keeping busy when it was so quiet.

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Jennifer was making another attempt at knitting, this one looking not much better than the first. It was really kind of embarrassing, she thought, given that she was otherwise pretty good with her hands. And she gladly abandoned it when she saw Ronon. "Hey," she said, scooting the knitting away as if it was an embarrassing relative you tried not to let anyone see. "What's up?"

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Ronon saw the knitting but didn't comment on it, with the way she pushed it away. He didn't do too well with being bored either. "I saw Vala with her baby yesterday," he told her before getting to the point. "So I wanted to talk to you about the medication they have for guys here."

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Because he was so sparse with his words, those two statements did not make much sense to Jennifer, put together, and she gave Ronon a look. "Say what again?"

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"The male birth control." Ronon clarified. Vala's baby was healthy and he was happy for her - he liked looking after the Turner twins but people disappeared all the time here. Having kids that he could someday vanish on was not something Ronon would ever do.

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"For you?" Which was a dumb question, as why else would he be asking? Jennifer wanted to thump herself in the head for being so clueless. But then again it wasn't as though she and Ronon were doing anything that would make him need that.

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Ronon caught that he'd thrown her. "Yeah," he said. "Not for now," he added. "But for the future - this isn't a good place for kids." It didn't mean much having no wraith if their parents might just vanish anyway. And if the indications from the people who had been here more than once - forget all about the children who'd been born and left here.

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"I was just thinking that the other day," Jennifer admitted, feeling a kind of relief that Ronon was seemingly on the same wavelength as she was. "I was telling a patient she was pregnant, and she was happy and I was happy for her, but I thought... having kids here? I couldn't do it." She shook her head. "And I thought the same thing when I saw Vala and her baby. I'm happy for her, but ... yeah."

But then she looked up at Ronon a little shyly. "So... you think you're gonna need that sometime soon?" Yeah, that was really professional, wasn't it? But she'd sort of abandoned any kind of professional relationship with Ronon ages ago.

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The question - despite it's obviousness threw Ronon a little. But really he'd brought it up. "Yeah," he said, leaning down to kiss her. "Yeah I do." He paused, noting the shyness of the expression. "If that's what you think." He added. "I just wanted to be safe - before we got to that."

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"What I think?" Jennifer pretended to think about this for a moment, her expression very businesslike. "I think that if you're planning to engage in that activity anytime in the near future, you should probably go ahead and start taking it, as it takes some time to reach maximum efficacy."

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Ronon grinned at her business like response, glad that he hadn't seen another doctor and even more glad that they agreed on this. "Then I'll start taking it," he told her, managing not to pull her close when she was being professional - he could be a good patient on occasion. "How long is some time?"

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"About three months," Jennifer informed him, flipping through some papers with information about the contraceptive. "And you'll, um, need to be tested before engaging in any activities, just to make sure everything's 'all clear', so to speak." This was definitely easier to talk about with her professional face on.

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Ronon had a fair idea of what sort of test that would be, but he couldn't help teasing Jennifer just a little when she was in her strict doctor mode. "Do you test me?" he asked innocently but he couldn't keep a straight face and grinned at her after a moment.

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"Technically, it's the lab that does the testing," she said, giving him a don't push your luck kind of look. "But yes, I can arrange that for you." She went to the medicines cabinet, filled a bottle with a month's supply, and handed it over to Ronon along with directions for use. "Be sure you take it at the same time every day and don't miss a dose," she advised.

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"I won't miss it," he assured her, taking the tablets and directions. He popped the bottle open and swallowed a tablet taking note of the time. "You can trust that right?"

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"I trust you," she answered. Whether she fully trusted this pill remained to be seen. Time would tell, she supposed.