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[For Jennifer]

Ronon was well aware that he was not a easy patient. He never had been but he did not do well staying put in one place and the persisent headache, fever and itching certainly did not make it any easier.

He did keep to himself though - not wanting to infect anyone else or have Jennifer fuss anymore than she was. But when the fever had broken and the scars had scabbed over - meaning he was no longer infectious he decided to go running again.

He hadn't taken two steps out of New Atlantis when the itching was so bad he stopped, trying desperately to reach a particularly irritated spot on his back.

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Jennifer wasn't trying to stalk Ronon. Honestly, she wasn't. But he was her patient (not to mention they were in a relationship) and she was just going to check on him--and there he was, scratching.

"Hey, stop that," she said, trying not to sound like a scold, but that's how it came out. "The more you scratch, the longer it will take to get better."

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Ronon turned to her but ignored the advice. He scowled at her and carried right on scratching. "It itches," he told her as if she didn't know.

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"I'm sure it does," said Jennifer. "But you've got to stop scratching if you ever want it to get better."

Ronon was probably the worst patient ever. Not that he was being that way on purpose, she was sure, but he was one of those people that got sick so rarely that when they did it was like this huge big deal and twelve times more aggravating than for everyone else.

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Ronon glowered but stopped. "This is a kids disease," he reminded her unimpressed. "I bet kids scratch all the way through this and still get better." He was pleased with the argument until it realised just how whiny it made him sound.

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"Some do, and some don't," Jennifer retorted. "And if they do get infections, they're usually not on a crazy tropical island with no medicines to deal with it. The last think you need is some kind of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus infection--God knows we don't have anything to treat that."

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Ronon had no idea what that was but he could follow along. "If it's resistent what do you treat it with anyway," he pointed out stubbornly. He didn't start scratching again - not if it was upsetting Jennifer. He could look at it as a willpower thing but it was difficult not to. "You want to go swimming?" he asked. He was sick of doing nothing and there was always the chance the ocean would be cold enough to take the edge off the itch.

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"Well, for starters, I'd use a whole bunch of drugs we don't have here," she said pointedly. Her next instinct was to tell Ronon he couldn't go swimming, but he would probably do it whether she told him no or not, and if he went in the ocean the salt might take some of the itch out and keep him from scratching. "If you go in the ocean instead of freshwater, don't stay in too long, and you haven't scratched the scabs off, you should be okay to swim," she said. If they were on Earth? Probably not the greatest of ideas, but the waters on and around this island seemed pollution-free and relatively safe.

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He'd already decided he was going swimming though it did make things easier if Jennifer agreed. (He was listening to her - but there were limits. He couldn't do nothing it would drive him nuts.) "So you coming?" he asked again.

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"Yes," Jennifer answered. "Somebody has to make sure you don't scratch." She was teasing; that wasn't the only reason she was going with him (though if she was entirely honest, it might be a tiny part of the reason). She just wanted to spend time with him.

And make sure he didn't scratch.

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"Cool," Ronon said, dropping a kiss on her hair. That made swimming seem even more appealing. "But you'll have to keep up if you're going to stop me scratching," this was mostly a tease. He was hoping the swimming might help enough that he wouldn't need to.

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"I can keep up just fine, thank you very much," she assured him, and kissed his cheek, which was one of the few places visible not entirely covered in spots. "I'm just gonna go change, I'll be right back."

Jennifer considered herself lucky that she had managed to snag a couple of decent swimsuits from the box in her time here. By "decent", she meant ones that would actually stay on when swimming, and were not just little triangles of flimsy material connected with strings, and didn't ride up her butt when she put them on. The best one was a blue Hawaiian-print tank with straps that crisscrossed in the back, and that was what she put on, pulling a pair of shorts on over it.

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Ronon grinned knowingly but didn't argue with her. He was pretty good at getting away from anyone when he wanted to - but then he didn't want to get away from her really. Not even for the sake of scratching though he might have taken advantage while Jennifer was gone.

Instead he headed for the beach and shucked off his things to head into the cool water, striking out til he was a decent way out. He'd bound his dreads up because then it was easier to keep the knife he stuck in there from going in the water. When Jennifer arrived in an swimming costume, (Ronon liked this on her even if he considered swimwear generally unnecessary,) he waved to her on the shore and indicated the water as if to indicate she wasn't keeping up and then mimed scratching.

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"Ha-ha, very funny," Jennifer called across the water, mock glaring at him. She dropped her things on the sand beside Ronon's and waded out into the water. It was nice, and Jennifer was glad it was relatively clear, clean water because she liked to see what she was swimming in.

Of course, that relatively clean, clear water made it pretty clear to her that Ronon was swimming nude. "Is that a Satedan thing?" she asked, splashing at him a little. "No trunks?"

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Ronon shrugged in a way that meant yes. "Lot of worlds would think having clothing to swim in would be weird," he pointed out. He waded out further to submerge as much of himself as he could. The water helped the itchiness and he splashed himself with it - and splashed Jennifer back while he was at it. He would have gone under entirely if not for the knife hidden in his hair.

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"Yeah, but this doesn't really count as clothes," said Jennifer, though it wasn't like she was complaining. Chickenpox spots or not, Ronon was still extremely attractive, in clothes or out of them. She swam a little closer, splashed him, and then tried to swim away again.

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Though Ronon didn't know if Jennifer could actually swim faster than him, (he did actually doubt it but wasn't going to say it,) he did know she wasn't going to get away with that. Especially when he could still touch bottom because he caught her up in two large steps. "Come here," he said gruffly splashing her back as he pulled her close.

"If it doesn't count," he asked, running one finger under the shoulder strap of her printed costume. "Why are you wearing it?"

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"Because." Her face felt hot, and not from the sun. "I don't like going around with nothing on. "It's like... you know. Something to wear for a specific activity. Like wearing scrubs to operate in, or um." Ronon toying with the strap of her suit was very distracting. "Rain boots when it's raining. Or a coat when it's cold."

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Ronon was quite liking playing with this strap and he definitely liked her reaction. He sort of approved of her not going around with nothing on but he couldn't help the mental image it gave him. (Even the most decent swimming costume really didn't leave much to Ronon's imagination.) He pulled her closer and kissed her suddenly.

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They were far enough out that Jennifer couldn't really touch bottom--she was significantly shorter than he was--and it was either float or cling to Ronon. She chose clinging. This made her all too aware that Ronon wasn't wearing anything and she only had on a swimsuit. Ronon tasted like salt and sunshine, and it was very easy to forget they'd come out here to get his mind off the chickenpox.

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Ronon dropped his hands to her hips holding her against him as she clung. The swimsuit being all there was between them made him glad of the coldness water because he did not want things to get awkward. But they might anyway - the water wasn't that cold and Jennifer was more than warm.

For the first time in days he didn't itch but he didn't really feel more comfortable. He wanted Jennifer fiercely and wished they weren't out in public.

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"Seducing a patient is probably against every medical code of ethics in the world," Jennifer said, more than a little breathless. "Any world," she corrected. "Especially when he's still recovering from an illness.

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"It's helping with my recovery," Ronon told her before kissing down the smooth skin of her neck. "Seduce away." He could not possibly have cared less about ethics than he did at that moment.