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Ronon would never have said it to Heightmeyer or the woman who eventually replaced her who he had also been obliged to talk to on occasion (for a given value of talk). But every time he ran, every time he shifted his posture, picked up the pace and moved at speed, he could feel the Wraith at his back whether they were there or not. Running through the city levels with Sheppard, running through the buildings of Earth that mirrored Sateda just enough to make him think, racing back to the Jumper laying down cover fire. Ronon could feel the adrenaline race through him, his hands itching for a weapon even when he was already holding one. Ronon was no longer a runner – but he became one every time he ran. He'd mostly stopped wondering if that would ever change.

However it was not inaccurate to say that even now long after he has stopped being a runner that the Wraith had often been at his back. Right now - as he dodged through the empty corridors of the Daedalus trying not to think of Jennifer's stubborn, stupid sacrifice which he should have seen coming - that was certainly the case. Todd would kill her, Ronon was sure. Never trust a Wraith and right now Ronon had had enough of running as he had so many times before. He would stand, he would fight, Wraith would die and as he listened to the footsteps of drones and a prisoner, he realised he could do a little more good at the same time.

He ducked into an armoury and grabbed a extra gun.

The next bit was more complicated but whatever the reason for the design, the hand holds in the ceiling were thankfully obvious. He clambered up bracing himself. Now it was just a matter of waiting and he did not have long endure inactivity long. He shot quickly as he swung down before the orientation of the angle could confuse his aim and handed the spare gun off to Jennifer, dampening down his surprised relief that she wasn't dead because there were still drones coming.

Then there weren't. There weren't live drones. There wasn't Jennifer. There was no more Daedalus. There were trees, there was snow on the ground, two prone Wraith drones and the gun he had handed her lying on the jungle floor. One Wraith twitched and instinctively he put another blast of energy into it before bending to check they both were dead. He snatched up the machine gun and examined the area. There were no tracks. None. Snow normally made tracking easy - and this didn't look that freshly fallen.

Ronon had never seen Wraith tech that could do this and were normally incapable of using anything ancestral. But there was little he put past them even this had been an odd moment to try it. Todd had already betrayed them.

"Jennifer?" he called, first outloud and then into his static filled ear piece, receiving no response. He shivered, shrugged, armed his energy weapon picked a direction and set off at pace. Running again.

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Kaylee still liked to be out in the cold sometimes, she had devoted a lot of time to the clothing box and so had her own set of warm winter clothing; including a thick, foresty-green parka with a faux fur lined hood - some days she just felt too guilty admiring how soft and warm the fur coat Robin had given her was ..and how it must have kept the animal so warm, and at least the animal in question wasn't cold, but that would be because it was dead. That was a train of thought that could ruin a snow sculpting afternoon, really it could. There were Polar Bears to be mindful of, and other large snow animals, but Kaylee thought she night build one today.

She heard someone calling out, not her name - but clearly they were sort of worried, and maybe cross and so Kaylee abandoned the four stumps of snow that were a polar bear's legs, and trod on the crunchy snow to see someone coming her way, she darted out at a hurry to catch him before he sprinted past, calling out to try get his attention. Not that she was sure she knew a Jennifer, but if need be she could at least give him some direction if need be.

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The last thing Ronon had actually expected after she vanished was to come across Jennifer. Dressed for this planet's climate and calling out after him sounding confused. He'd only barely pulled himself to a halt when he realised that he hadn't. He aimed the gun at the woman who was almost certainly not Jennifer. Like her certainly, but less serious, less pressured almost - she looked like she ate better unless that was the coat. Weird. The replicators were normally better than this. More exact.

"Who are you?" he demanded levelling the gun at her, his finger close on the trigger. "You're not Keller."

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He looked proper tall, then again once living with the likes of Jayne and the Captain around she'd got used to not feeling intimidated by tall folk in close quarters. She smiled as he stopped, ready to be as helpful as she might, which was wiped almost instantly from her face as a gun is lifted upon her, causing her to give a small yelp, lifting her hands up in a shaky submission sign, her eyes wide.

"Kaylee." She managed to murmur out, feeling as though she might start to cry at any moment, though she doesn't move an inch. You're not Keller, mistaking one person for another happened here, though she wasn't quite thinking for the barrel of the gun she was facing. "I ain't- -I." she mumbled with a tremble, getting nowhere. "Please don't shoot." she managed, in a tiny voice.

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Ronon stared at her for a long moment, he shrugged slightly lowered the gun so it was not pointed directly at her and flicked it to stun in one easy movement. "Put your hands down," he said his tone slightly less unfriendly than he might have been. "What is this place?" She'd already given him her name but he didn't care either way - he was more interested in the extraordinary resemblance, given she did not seem to be a replicator. (None of them had ever cried.) If she had been like Carson - she would have known who he was and she clearly didn't, but it didn't mean she wasn't one of Michael's creatures so he kept the gun out and waited to see what she had worth listening to.

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She's not sure what the click means, but she does as she's told, and her hands lightly grip her middle, she was only too willing to offer information if it'd help her get away unscathed, she's still scared and she looks it every bit. "An Island, Tabula Rasa." She informs looking at her feet idly, he must have just got here, she only wanted to go home, wishing someone else were here. "It don't look like this most o'the time ..just winter. Usual it's covered in sand, n'Tropical-like." She was usually more welcoming and reassuring, but right now she felt extra cold right to the very core, and she needed her own reassurance, voice a little low, cautious. "Folks just turn up here all th'time, just th'same as you done right now- without knowin' where they are or how they got here. It's how everyone gets here."

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At four months pregnant, Teyla could still jog each day, at least for a while longer. With what she had learned the week before, she found her peace broken in a way it had not been in a very long time. Because of that, even in the snow, she found herself out each morning, running along paths and through the woods.

Coming across the body of a Wraith had not been expected. It was a surprise that was extremely unwelcome.

At first she thought it was only a vision, again. That this was in her mind only. After all she had learned and seen this was not something that she was prepared for in any way.

She froze.

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Ronon now had somewhere to run to after his conversation with the woman he was choosing to believe - for now at least - was not a replicator. If only because of her reaction. But if what she said made no sense, not that it was the first thing to happen to Ronon that made no sense, but normally McKay was on hand to explain it. Not that this always helped.

But apparently McKay was on hand and he wasn't the only one - so Ronon had a goal. One that did not involve finding Teyla standing in the snow looking like that. For a moment he paused, looking her over and coming to what was a baffling conclusion - but it was her. He nudged a Wraith with his foot, "it's already dead," he assured her.

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That Ronon saw it too was no relief to her. He had vanished weeks before, and it only contributed to her thought that this was, in fact, a delusion. Taking a step back, Teyla pulled the knife from the sheath on her thigh, breathing deeply with each movement.

"This is not real," she spoke the words low, her voice carrying in the chill winter air. "This cannot hurt me."
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Ronon holstered the gun he'd been carrying not expecting this from Teyla. "Wraith are dead," he repeated and even though it was redundant he added. "can't hurt you." And Teyla knew he wouldn't. "It is real." He could see her point, this place was odd but the snow, the wind, the trees - they seemed real. So had the girl he had frightened. Teyla didn't spook easily and it worried him - he would have thought she just got here as well but she was dressed for this weather. He moved closer, his eye on the knife - he knew how fast Teyla could move.

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It had taken Brendan an embarrassingly long time to acknowledge, and then accept, the fact that Ronon had disappeared. Nearly two months to be exact. He had heard, of course, about how people on the island disappeared all the time - all of a sudden and without warning. And it wasn't like they just vanished, either, but their things, their personal belongings, all went with them.

It had hit like a punch to the gut when Brendan finally took as truth what everyone else had long since known: Ronon was gone. Just gone.

What had followed had been a long period of sulking and hibernating in his hut, face down in his bed, feeling like some kind of lovesick teenager. But Brendan couldn't help it. Ronon had been his friend. His best friend even! In both worlds! And now he was just an empty bed on the other side of their shared hut, and ... well, Little Ronon. There was always Little Ronon.

Brendan was still feeling a little bit down, kicking clumps of snow as he walked, when he noticed tracks. They were still fresh and big, wide-spaced. He stood still for a moment, just staring at them. He hadn't been on the island very long, so the snow was new to him, and snow encased footprints different than sand for sure, but John recognized them anyway.

"No damn way." Brendan let his eyes trace them through the woods for a moment, until he couldn't see them any more, before jogging lightly along side of them, then breaking out into a full out run. It wasn't very long until he saw him up ahead, huge and familiar, and -

"RONON!" Brendan yelled happily, and really - he felt like his heart was going to burst.

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Ronon had come back across the dead wraith and carried on running, it did not seem like Jennifer would be in danger - the girl who had given him the information had been more afraid of him than anything. But he hurried anyway, it kept him warm in this weather. He hadn't expected to come across a familiar face. Another familiar face and as he drew to a halt he realised - or at least he suspected that it was another not actually familiar face.

He looked like Sheppard - more like Sheppard than Kaylee had resembled Jennifer but he held himself all wrong and Ronon didn't think he'd ever seen Sheppard looked so pleased. But on the other hand he clearly knew Ronon. "You're not Sheppard," he said - he didn't holster his gun which he hadn't put away since arriving but he didn't aim at the man either, if he was a threat - even if he was as fast as Sheppard, Ronon was faster.

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Brendan came to a stop in front of him and beamed, resisting the urge to well ... hug him or do something as equally unmanly and/or macho. But - it was Ronon! He had come back! "Um ... no? Not Sheppard," Brendan said, shifting slightly on his legs, not seeming to care that Ronon hadn't put away his gun.

Ronon was kind of gun-y in general anyway. "I didn't think I'd see you again," Brendan said. "I was really depressed. Er, I mean, you know - in a non-pining way." Just in case Ronon was worried.

Well, maybe there'd been a little pining. But it'd definitely been a non-sexual pining.

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Ronon let him talk, it was the easiest way to get information. This guy talked way more than Sheppard.

"Again?" he said after the man was done. "I don't know you."

He'd been here a day and met exactly one person - he'd be irritated by the thought of his own replica except the Sheppard look a like had known his name.

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Jennifer was doing something that was actually a bit silly, but she'd never really had time to do it before.

She was building a snowman.

It was partly out of boredom, and partly out of the fact that she'd always been too busy studying or something to take the time to just play in the snow, and partly because the snow reminded her of home, but whatever the reason, she was out in the drifts out back of her hut in New Atlantis, rolling snow into big balls. She had the body put together, and was decorating the face with bits of seashell when she saw a looming shadow fall across the snow and turned to see Ronon standing there.

"Oh, hey, Ronon," she said, not really knowing what else to say yet. She was glad to see him, of course, but she hadn't had enough experience with island arrivals yet to know what the best way to handle this was--at least, she thought he was a new arrival, though knowing the island who could tell?
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Ronon did not get the Earth fascination with playing with snow - in a way, it was like sculpting except they didn't last, didn't look good and they chanced illness to do it. Given his previous encounter with Kaylee (who had also been taking part in this pointless activity - Ronon watched until he was satisfied that this was Jennifer and not another double. He grinned to himself for a moment, relieved to see her safe and away from Todd (as it had been implied she would be but Ronon trusted his eyes more.

Then headed towards her, watching her poke bits of sea shell into it's face, his footsteps steady and quiet on the snow. He nearly surprised her but he let his shadow fall across her elaborate waste of time until he had her attention. "Hey," he said, folding his arms and raising an eyebrow at the seashell pattern.

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"Um," she said, shrugging at Ronon's glance at her snowman and suddenly feeling sheepish. "It's just a thing kids do, but I never... oh God, nevermind." She shook her head. "Did you just get here?" Maybe she could do a better job of explaining things than Rodney had done for her--his explanation had kind of made her want to poke her eyes out, even though it was as well-meaning as Rodney got.

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Ronon nodded. It made as much sense as a lot of earth customs. He had liked the sound of the one he had heard about fighting in the snow (and assumed wrongly that Blades of Glory might feature it.) "'Bout an hour ago." he said taking in the ring of huts. It was homely - they had visited planets with villages like it. Weird to think of the city's former residents living here.

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Carson was out clearing his head. Ever since they'd told Teyla about what had been found on Michael's wraith device, he'd felt unsettled. Even with it being the holiday season, he hadn't gotten much peace of mind.

He mind must have wandered a bit while he walked, because that was likely the only excuse for him not noticing the scene ahead of him until he'd almost run straight into it.

Ronon. And dead wraith. He knew there'd been wraith on the island before, over a year ago, but didn't know that they might have returned. Or that Ronon might have returned, for that matter.

"What on Earth's goin' on here?" He asked.

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Ronon had found his feet so to speak - this place made no sense but he had heard several explanations for why this was now and it wasn't likely to get any better. There were people here he knew. There were no Wraith.

Well there were some and Ronon pulled a knife crouching over the drone. Raising the knife over the wrist joint he lifted it and then paused at the familiar voice. He flipped the knife over jammed into the frozen ground and pushed himself to his feet in one easy motion. "Doc," he said grinning widely. "Just garbage disposal," he dismissed the wraith - abandoning the idea of a trophy and pulling Carson into a bone crunching hug.

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And bone crunching was probably the best term for it, as Carson very nearly had the wind knocked out of him. "Easy, big man," He said, barely finding the breath for the words.

"Newly arrived, I take it?"

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Ronon clapped Carson on the back and let go nodding, "couple of hours," he advised. "Unlike you I hear." Here long enough to not have died. Ronon was giving the island a free pass for today since he had that news. "Brought these with me." He nodded the dead Wraith and bent for the knife again - the cold would make them tough but well preserved at the same time.

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All-in-all, for being accustomed to Atlantis' mild weather, and the island's warmer weather, she felt she was doing fairly well with the Russian winter that had so suddenly arrived only a few weeks before. It was helpful to hear that this would only last for a few more days, as well, but all the same...she could hold a measure of personal pride at functioning perfectly well outside.

Even if she did seem to be wearing more now than she did when she was studying the Ancient outpost on Antarctica.

Elizabeth was just headed out of New Atlantis toward the Compound, when she spotted an unmistakable figure in the snow ahead. It took a few moments to recognize that it was, indeed, Ronon--despite her belief that he had vanished not long ago.

When she did speak, there was still a portion of disbelief in her voice. "Ronon?"

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Ronon is nearly at New Atlantis if the directions he was given are any good. He expected to find familiar faces there, Sheppard, he'd been told and McKay. But he hadn't ever expected to see Dr. Weir in any form since her new replicator form had walked willingly through the gate to save Atlantis again.

But there she is staring at him and it's not like before because he can't see any difference and she knows him. Which means there is only two options and he pulls his gun - just in case. She's another duplicate or worse a replicator. "You're not Weir."

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Her smile faded to a small frown, and she lifted her hands to show she held no weapons. Truthfully, if Ronon had just arrived, his reaction was no surprise. She had gathered already that she had not survived the Replicator capture. That could only mean one of two things--death, or being turned into a Replicator herself.

Even now, it was a chilling thought.

She offered Ronon a soft, sad smile. "I know it's hard to believe, but I am. I arrived here at a time before the Asurans could finish their work."

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Ronon knew the replicators were good at coming out with what they thought people wanted to hear. And they had all wanted Elizabeth to have survived - even on some weird island where they were stuck. He wanted that. But he wasn't going to just trust it. Her.

He unsheathed a knife and held it out to her handle first - he had more and if she was a replicator - it would hardly matter. "Prove it."