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[For Rodney]

Ronon didn't really plan on including anything from a Satedan wedding ceremony into his wedding with Jennifer. His homeworld had some survivors - none on the island but few enough scattered about Pegasus. Sateda was his past - Atlantis was his home now - with the island providing an unwanted detour in the lives of all it's residents.

But as neither he nor Jennifer wanted to wait - this is where they would get married. Some wedding customs were the same on Sateda as they were on Earth though and so Ronon didn't have to ignore them. He needed someone to stand with him at the wedding. He knew who he wanted as his second - or best man as Earth tradition named it. He figured McKay would be cool with it. Mostly. It wasn't like Rodney was a big fan of social convention or traditions. And while it didn't really apply to Rodney here, Ronon was aware there could have been a reason for him to be not that happy that Ronon was marrying Jennifer.

Still they were friends. They were teammates. Ronon would have Rodney for his best man or no-one.

Normally Ronon would have approached a situation like this by springing it on Rodney when he was working. Then Rodney would probably have answered rapidly, honestly and sarcastically, just to get people to go away and he wouldn't over think things. But Rodney didn't have any work here so instead Ronon caught up with him one day on his way out of New Atlantis falling into step beside him. "Hey," he said in greeting.

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