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[For Jennifer]

Ronon was being followed. It wasn't his years of tracking that allowed him to realise this because his tail was being entirely obvious. It was someone he didn't know and they were short, winged and ill tempered. The messenger - as he claimed to be had been following Ronon all the way from the compound to New Atlantis insisting he had a message for Ronon.

"Don't want it." Ronon told them and lengthened his stride which the messenger was hard pressed to keep up with. It was heart shaped. Ronon wanted no part of whatever island trick this was - he was getting married in less than a week.

The messenger did not give up though and he tackled Ronon waving the valentine determinedly. Or rather he tackled Ronon's leg. Ronon shook the surly cupid free and told him. "Go away."

When it launched at him again he felt entirely justified in pulling his gun and stunning the chubby winged pest. It would have made for a more peaceful journey to New Atlantis - if he hadn't been nearly there already.

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Jennifer was on her way home from her clinic shift when she saw the cupid following Ronon, just in time to see him stun it. "Oh my God, Ronon, it's harmless," she said, trying not to laugh.

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"It was following me," Ronon pointed out. Not that he thought it could harm him. "Should mind his own business."

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"He had a message for you, you goof," Jennifer said, picking the paper (http://community.livejournal.com/the_blank_slate/4431820.html?thread=292929484#t292929484) from the cupid's chubby hand and offering it to Ronon. "Read it."

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Ronon took the note and read it. He hadn't really thought it would have something for him given that last year - Jennifer hadn't thought much of this particular holiday. "I love you too," he said leaning into kiss her. "But this holiday is still dumb." She could have just given him the note.

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"Well, I know," Jennifer said, feeling a little sheepish. "But I thought it would be funny. And sweet." She hadn't thought Ronon would stun the little guy even if he was a little annoyed by the delivery method--she hadn't realized the little cupids would be so persistent.

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"Uh-huh," said Ronon nudging her, she was cute when she was all abashed. But then he thought she was always cute. And seeing as she was apparently in a mood for Valentines this year, it made Ronon decide that maybe the rather late engagement ring didn't need to wait til their wedding day. "I have something for you," he told her.

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"Oh?" Jennifer liked the idea of a surprise, and she grinned with interest. "A present? For me?" She liked presents, especially if they came from Ronon. "Are you going to tell me now or make me wait?"

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"A present for you," Ronon confirmed. "But you know - if you like. I could go get it delivered," he nodded back in the direction of the compound where the valentine booth was.

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"No, silly," she said, playfully nuging his arm. "You can just give it to me, since you're here." Ronon was so funny when he made jokes like that because his expression didn't really change all that much. Somehow that just made him kind of adorable, not that she was ever going to use that word out loud where he could hear it.

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Ronon grinned at her eagerness before he pulled her close and kissed her. "Ok," he said pulling away and reaching into his pocket for the ring. He slipped into her hand and closed her fingers around it before pulling away so he could see if she liked it.

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Jennifer knew what it was when he slipped it into her hand, but she held it for a minute before looking at it, because the metal was still warm from being in his pocket, close to his body. It was like holding a little piece of him.

When she finally opened her hand and looked at it, she made a breathless little sound. "It's beautiful," she said, looking up at him. "Where did you get it?"

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Her reaction lets him know he did the right thing by giving the ring to her now. He wouldn't have wanted to share that look with anyone - not even those they were close to.

"I made it," Ronon said and because it was Jennifer and he loved her and because she had asked him more times than he'd wanted to answer if he was sure about including Satedan traditions in their wedding. "I wanted to - on Sateda, you have to make a betrothal gift yourself." Ronon had mangled half a dozen attempts before he got the hand of it. But gold melted and the jewels had survived and nothing would have made him seek out anyone else on the island who had more experience. He wanted to do it himself.

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"It's lovely," she assured him, slipping it on her finger. Of course, it fit; Ronon was good about noticing things like that.

She leaned up on her toes and kissed him. "Thank you," she said quietly. "I love you."