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[For Jack]

Jennifer was at the clinic and would be at the clinic for another couple of hours. Which meant Ronon was free to sit at the table in New Atlantis and work on her ring without her seeing it.

Not that it needed work now - it was pretty much done and mostly what Ronon did was polish it with a bit of leather making sure the metals was entirely smooth. He still hadn't decided when he was going to give it to her.

When he heard someone coming he put the ring away - it wouldn't be Jennifer so he didn't have to be that secretive but he didn't know everyone in New Atlantis and there was always a chance it was someone indiscreet.

Instead it was General O'Neill, who Ronon knew - but who did not know him nor go by General. "O'Neill," he said in greeting before going back to examining the bit of jewellery.
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"Ronon, right?" Jack asked, trying to make sure. He'd mostly picked up on everyone's name at New Atlantis and it was his understanding that this was Keller's fiance.

"Working on something special there?"

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"Yeah," said Ronon knowing that it probably wasn't really a question - it was too easy to find out who people were here. "It's a ring for Jennifer," he said. "Just making sure it's done."

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Jack drew a little closer, catching a glance at it. "Gorgeous. Bet she'll love it. Been working on it long?"

Silent guy, but Jack almost preferred that over the chatty types, Daniel notwithstanding.

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Ronon hoped Jennifer would like the ring it had taken some doing, it was not the sort of metal work he was used to.

"Month or so," he said. "Island gave me the stuff to make it." One of it's least useless tricks. "You get something?" he asked.
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"Fishing equipment," Jack said, brightening a little. "One of the better wacky island presents. Carter got some instrument. Violin or something."

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Ronon nodded. "Fishing's useful," he said. "I hunt a lot." Ronon pretty much thought New Atlantis could probably have done without the Earth instrument Carter had got as a present from what he'd heard of it but maybe it would get better.
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Jack agreed.

"What's to hunt out here? Might not mind going with you sometime. Always looking for stuff to occupy my time and get away from Carter's violin."

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"For a challenge there's boar," Ronon said. "Or dinosaurs." Though even Ronon would admit that did veer in to less of a challenge and more of a deathwish. He wouldn't admit it outloud however - Jennifer was still convinced the tiny one he'd showed her was some sort of threat no matter what he said.

"Just for meat there's goat and birds and these big bats." Ronon generally didn't hunt the bats though as he suspected no-one but him would be willing to try them.
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"I'm gonna pass on dino, but I'll go boar hunting. Might be a hell of a trip," Jack said, grinning broad. "Figure you and me can take one down, right? Then you can really impress Jennifer."

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Ronon grinned. He was more than ok with the fact he was probably never going to impress Jennifer with feats of hunting - mainly because he'd managed to impress her anyway. And convince her to marry him. "Only if we cook it before she sees it," he said.
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"Mmmhmm," Jack agreed, grinning. "Nice big barbecue ought to get everyone in our good favor."

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"Good plan," Ronon allowed. "Firepit is a decent size. We could go out early, hunt, come back and stick it on a spit." Easy as that and then a decent meal for everyone.
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"Maybe rustle up some booze," Jack said, smiling as he thought it out. "Sure the women'll love that. Two men with booze and roasting meat. It's kinda caveman."

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Ronon grinned. "McKay calls me a caveman all the time." Not that Ronon tried to dispel that image.
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"Eh, it's McKay. What does he know?" Jack said, laughing. "I think it's a great idea."

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"It is," Ronon agreed. "Maybe after the wedding." Mainly because Jennifer hadn't said it but Ronon knew enough that she'd probably be unimpressed if he had some sort of hunting injury at the wedding.
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"Oh, sure," Jack said, nodding. "Wouldn't want me to be out of commission for that. Pretty sure Carter and Jennifer wouldn't be happy at all with me."