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Pup: Ronon Dex
NDPD: I was going to give him a load of weapons but his item is his sword and he came with a load (his energy gun, a machine gun and two wraith stunners and ton of knifes - so he's probably set.) I might give him booze or something he can do dangerous sports with.
Opposite plot: Maybe, verbose yet shy Ronon would be fun.
Genderswitch : No - I can't think of a pb
Likelihood of drop: Nope - he's brand new
Next item: His sword made of Wraith bits. XD (According to production art from "Runner", the hilt is made from a Wraith mandible and humerus wrapped in Wraith hair, the blade from the metal of a Wraith ship, and the scabbard from a Wraith leather coat)
Needs threads with: Rodney, Shep, Teal'c, other new atlantis peeps, people in general
State of: Really not okay by the fact he was here and doesn't remember it than anything else - his team are his team no matter where they come from and he's thrilled to have Beckett and Weir alive. Soon to be bored out of his mind and off to investigate mammoths/dinos.

Pup: Robin Hood
NDPD: A horse with bridle, saddle etc - I had a couple of other ideas but he's really jealous of Marian's horse.
Opposite plot: Probably not
Genderswitch : if I can think of a pb -
Likelihood of drop: Robin was the most likely for this because he really needed some plot that was not pining over Marian - which he is finally getting so he is probably safe
Next item: No plans yet - i might soon be able to traumatise him with someone from season three once it starts
Needs threads with: Ronon (probably offscreen unless I am really bored), Cuthbert, Coraline, other kids. Robb Stark
State of: Robin is fairly settled and after the talk with Marian on Christmas is going to build a fort - he's thinking of Marian's kid and the stark kids who he knows but really this will work out for the older playable kids. Up for a shock in his future but that's a while off

Pup: Elizabeth Norrington
NDPD: Entertainment centre with big tv, dvd player and a ton of dvd's
Opposite plot: Definitely, she'll be sweet and shy and thrilled to be pregnant and will utterly confuse James and anyone who knows her.
Genderswitch : I would but it's not allowed with the pregnancy
Likelihood of drop: Never
Next item: Either the pirate codex or something to remind her of her father
Needs threads with: James, Marian, Davos, other pregnant women (either pregnant clone would be great) I'd like her to talk to Jane Bennet again
State of: About to realise she's pregnant and be really really unhappy about it.

Pup: Sansa Stark
NDPD: Fully stocked sewing cabinet with material, high end sewing machine and all the bits and bobs. Eddara is getting a pony
Opposite plot: I'm sort of tempted but Eddara will definitely be.
Genderswitch : No but Eddara will be.
Likelihood of drop: Never
Next item: A section of Winterfell's glass gardens with westerosi flowers and fruits, or lysa's wardrobe
Needs threads with: Moril, Jeyne, Robb, Susan, Pevensies
State of: Really wanting to be pregnant, yay over being an aunty again, generally really really happy so I might have to give her the wardrobe just to mix it up - Sansa needs a bit of angst in her life.

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